Workers are checking G654 Chinese granite for export to Turkey

Order NO. Country Details CAD NO. Delivery Date
Quantity: 400 square meters

Material: China G654 granite
December 32, 2022

Our workers are checking G654 Chinese granite today. One is to check whether the quantity is correct, and the other is to check whether there is any problem with the quality. If there is any problem with the granite tile, including whether there are cracks, scratches, dimensions, etc., our workers will pick it up come out. This is an order from our Turkish customer, with a total area of 400 square meters. This style of granite tile is mainly used for the decoration of some exterior walls, and can also be seen in some public places.

This time, the G654 granite customer chooses the surface frosting processing method. Here we will briefly tell you about 10 common processing methods for Chinese granite stone.

  1. Fire surface

The surface is rough, the stone is heated at high temperature during the production process, the crystals are broken, and the rapid cooling forms a rough fire surface. It is a common type of facing granite, and it is also a commonly used facing material in landscape design.

  1. Polished surface

The surface is very smooth and highly ground polished with a high gloss mirror finish. Granite, marble and limestone usually contain natural crystals. After polishing, the stone surface has a good gloss. If you want to maintain a good luster, you need regular maintenance.

  1. Frosted surface

The specular luster of stone is very low, generally less than 10 degrees.

  1. Natural surface

The natural surface is rough, but not as rough as the fired side. Generally speaking, natural surface stone refers to the surface that forms naturally without any treatment. But the natural surface that the market talks about is often the natural undulating surface formed by the splitting of stone cracks, so it is also called the natural split surface.

  1. Chopped ax surface (cut )

Also known as longan face or face surface, very dense striations are formed by hammering and hammering the surface of the stone. Some look like the effect of longan skin, you can choose the roughness, such ax cut surface is very common in the garden.

  1. Lychee surface

The surface is rough and uneven. This is a densely packed set of small holes carved into the surface with a chisel. Over the years it has the effect of simulating water dripping on stones.

  1. Machine cutting

Cut directly with a circular saw, sand saw or bridge cutter, with a rough surface and obvious machine cutting lines.

  1. Mushroom surface

Generally speaking, it is artificially chiseled, and the effect is similar to the natural surface, but the surface of the stone is in the shape of a plateau with a convex center and depressions around it.

  1. Pineapple surface

Stone pineapple has a more uneven surface than lychee, like the skin of a pineapple.

  1. Brushed surface

The brushed surface of stone is also called machine planed surface, it has grooves with a certain depth and width on the stone surface, it is a special stone processing technology, it has special anti-skid and texture.

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