What is the difference between marble slab and ceramic tiles on the floor?

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Natural marble has always occupied an important position in the home improvement industry, and new decorative materials continue to enter people’s field of vision. The imitation of man-made materials such as tiles and slate has become more and more exquisite in its ability to imitate the texture of marble slab.

Because cut natural marble stone and ceramic tiles are very similar in appearance, price, function, etc., many outsiders think that there is not much difference between the two.

When the owner is decorating the house, he is always entangled in the selection of floor materials between natural stone and ceramic tiles. Which one is better to use?

In fact, there are essential differences between the two in terms of product properties and decorative effects. Today, we will take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of using natural marble slab and ceramic tiles on the ground. ‍

marble slab 2
marble slab 2
  1. The structural difference between marble slab and ceramic tile


Natural marble is a stone of nature, and it is very commonly used in decoration. After cutting and polishing, natural marble only changes in shape or form, but the substance itself does not change.

Ceramic tiles go through the processes of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and sintering to form an acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone material. Its raw materials are mostly mixed with clay, quartz sand, etc., which are artificial stones produced after chemical changes, and are new substances formed after chemical reactions of sand, stone, and mud. ‍

So what is the difference between natural marble and ceramic tiles for floor decoration?

Let’s find out together!


  1. Surface treatment of marble slab and ceramic Tile


Natural marble is a pure natural product. Every variety, every color, and every texture is unique and cannot be copied. Its color, luster, and texture are also the same as the surface. Therefore, after the paving of natural marble slab is completed, users can Choose to do mirror surface treatment to deal with the slight height error generated during installation and paving.

ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are also one of the popular decorative materials, especially the imitation natural marble tiles are loved by many owners. No matter what pattern and color of marble, ceramic tiles can be imitated, and some imitations are quite realistic, and optional very high.

But because the most attractive thing about ceramic tiles is the glazed surface, the embryo body under the glazed surface is mainly made of clay, which does not have gloss, rich colors and natural textures, and the tiles are easy to wear, and do not have the “renovation” of natural stone. , Repairable” characteristics, so ceramic tiles are slightly inferior to natural marble in terms of wear resistance.


  1. Environmental issues of marble tile and ceramic tiles

In the building materials industry, due to commercial competition, this problem has been magnified and spread wantonly, leading to many false claims. Although there have been many test proofs before, marble has been carrying the label of “stone radiation causing cancer”. In fact, tiles and marble have radiation, but they are all within the standard range and will not cause harm to the human body.

marble slab 3
marble slab 3
marble slab 1
marble slab 1
  1. Trends and plasticity comparison of marble tiles and ceramic tiles

Marble slab is extremely malleable. Nature is a very vast world. Every corner of the world is full of wonders, and every area is full of mystery. A slight displacement of one millimeter will produce completely different marble textures.

Natural stone has super durability and durability, and has been the most important construction and decoration material since ancient times. Most of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world are stone buildings. Some stone buildings in Europe and the United States are still glorious and majestic after hundreds of years! The longer the time, the better the charm!

Therefore, marble is an eternal classic. At a certain moment, marble will not be outdated in other varieties. While the eternal classics, many intriguing new varieties have appeared in surprise!

Because it is a man-made product, it is very limited in variety and color. A variety is popular for a while, but it cannot remain classic, not to mention the problem that the longer the time, the more intriguing it is. The fading, which is why many ceramic tile showrooms have to be redecorated every two or three years.

But it is undeniable that the ceramic tile industry is also constantly improving, developing, and constantly introducing new ones in terms of building materials. Ceramic tile is also a material that many people will choose. There are also a wide range of ceramic tiles available in the market. Various sizes, patterns, types, and brands are dazzling, and it is difficult to know which one to choose.


  1. Safety and decoration of marble slab and ceramic Tile

Marble slab is a common building material in our home decoration. Maybe the floor material of most families is marble, because it is not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also durable, very suitable for living and walking, and there will be no safety hazards.

In terms of decorative effect, good natural stone is like “jade”, the so-called “warm and moist as jade”, for good natural stone products, after decoration, it can make people feel warm in winter and cool in summer, full of warmth.

When decorating a house, many people choose to use ceramic tiles to decorate the floor. One reason is that it’s decorative and cheap. On the other hand, it is easy to clean, and it is more convenient and simple to mop the floor when it is usually dirty.

Although tiles are easier to clean, the floor is very slippery after being stained with water, and it will be even more slippery if the tiles absorb oil stains. Very dangerous. Countless old people and children are injured every year because of slippery tiles, and even the nimble young people sometimes stumble and fall–the tiles are just too slippery.


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