Medallion Floor Tile

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The medallion floor tile is one of the most popular decorative tiles. Customers can not only choose granite or marble as their materials, but also design their own patterns. As shown in the picture, this is a pattern made of crystal white ,G682granite ,G633 granite ,G654 granite,then spliced together. During the production process, workers cut it into various shapes with a water jet, and our workers are measuring whether the size meets the customer’s standard. Medallion floor tile is an ideal option for floor laying in halls or some open spaces. The design on this tile gives it an elegant look and will enhance the beauty of your interiors. The marble medallion floor are much more expensive than granite floor medals. If you are using the floor for indoor rooms, halls or high-end hotel suites, you can choose marble materials. If you use granite for schools or airports or public buildings, you can choose granite as the material.


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