Dark emperador marble blocks

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Dark emperador is a dark brown color with white crystals and texture, a concentration of white and transparent calcite, non-foliate metamorphic rock mined in China. Dark emperador marble, called Shēn fēi wǎng in the Chinese stone market. Dark Emperador can be used on floors, countertops, wall caps and other design projects. We have our own marble quarry, specializing in the sale of marble blocks.
This stone is very characteristic. During its formation, limestone is metamorphosed by pressure, and it is because of this metamorphism that dolomite is formed. This change gives the stone new physical and mechanical properties, similar to some other metamorphic rocks, such as Macael or Carrara.
Due to its breccia-like construction, stone factories require careful handling during processing. In this way, its luster and color can be maintained, and the best effect of stone surface treatment can be obtained.
This dark emperador can be used both indoors and outdoors, it has an elegant luster and is suitable for many interior decorations: floors, walls, stairs, columns and bathroom countertops.
At the same time, the stone is also used to produce toilet basins, forest bathtubs and sculptures.
Nature bestows it on human beings, like angels falling into the world. Whether it is ancient or modern palaces, hotels, and elegant mansions, whether it is the simple entrance hall or staircase of our home, all of them are shining because of its existence.
This dark emperador marble blocks stone is well known and exported all over the world. Both beautiful and good quality, is always liked by the stone market. Many countries have demand for it, but Arab countries and China are still its main markets.
Longtop Stone Industry has many emperor black mines, which can provide you with enough dark emperador marble blocks, high quality and reasonable price.Welcome to contact us to get the best price!


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