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Longtops marble slab warehouse

Longtops Stone is a professional marble slab supplier in China. We have 30,000 square meters of marble stock, including black, white, grey, green, brown, wood grain series etc,. We provide a variety of natural marble materials you need, and can We provide you with marble blocks, big slabs, cut-to-size slabs, countertops and other customizations to meet your needs. We have our own marble slab warehouse and processing factory, providing you with the best quality and factory-direct prices.

How did we help you?

1. You can search for what you want in our marble inventory or send us pictures of the variety you are looking for.
2. Our marble staff with many years of experience will find the most suitable marble slabs for you in the Chinese market.
3. Send you pictures and videos of each marble slab. You can also choose to make a video call with us and we will take you around the market.
4. To ensure product quality, our QC will conduct a second check on the quality of marble slabs.

Others about marble slabs

1. Our marble slabs usually have thicknesses of 1.8cm and 2.0cm. If you need other sizes, please contact us.
2. We not only provide large marble slabs, we also provide marble blocks. We have multiple own quarry and cooperative mines. You can contact us to get more quarry information.
3. Marble stone is widely used in floors, walls, countertops, stairs, decorations, etc. So it is often processed into different sizes. Our intelligent production line can provide you with a visual process and improve material utilization.

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