How to Care for Marble Countertops?

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Nowadays, most of the washbasins are made of stone. In order not to affect the appearance, most friends choose the countertops made of  marble or granite stone, but do you know? If the stone maintenance is not done in advance, the countertop will also leave traces. It is also quite tricky to clean up, and it cannot be washed directly with water, so the usual maintenance is very important.

Reasons for the whitening of the marble countertops:

  1. Scale: In some places, the tap water itself contains a lot of minerals and alkaline components. Long-term use of tap water will inevitably splash on the marble countertop, and these substances will easily accumulate into scale, resulting in a white scale phenomenon.
  2. Bleaching powder: Bleaching powder is generally used for disinfection in urban water. The main chemical component of bleaching powder is calcium hypochlorite. Calcium hypochlorite finally forms calcium salts and alkalis such as calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate through hydrolysis and interaction with carbon dioxide in the air. Precipitated on the surface of the marble stone, it is difficult to clean, resulting in the whitening of the chemical composition of salt and alkali.
  3. Soap contamination: The hand washing station will often come into contact with soap and other similar materials. Its main components are grease and soap, which often penetrates into the surface and interior of the marble through water, which also causes whitening.

The maintenance steps of the marble countertops

  1. Clean up whitening. Use soft tire abrasive, soaked with a layer of emery powder, with functions such as grinding and polishing. It can not only clean up the whitened sediment on the hand-washing marble countertop, but also polish it, and because the soft tire abrasive is soft, it will not scratch the surface of the stone, and it is easy to touch the seam, which is convenient for cleaning the whitened material.
  2. Brightening treatment. Clean and dry the hand-washing surface, and then use a stone polish to polish the hand-washing surface. Stone polishing and polishing agent contains a high concentration of silicone, not only the maintenance effect is far superior to ordinary protective agents. Moreover, silicone has a strong adsorption effect, which can effectively take away the dust on the surface of the marble slabs and play a cleaning role. On the other hand, it can also infiltrate the micropores on the surface of the marble, so that the stone presents a bright and brightening effect.
  3. Stone conservation. It is recommended to do waterproof treatment, sealing treatment or crystal hard treatment, etc., so that the water pollution source is not easy to penetrate into the interior of the marble and cause whitening. At the same time, the hardness of the hand-washing table is maintained, and it is not easy to be scratched and damaged, so that the gloss of the marble top can be presented for a long time. This is a set of stone maintenance methods that are often used in hotels and home decoration stones. Cleaning, brightening, and maintenance are three points and one line.

Processing effect of marble countertop

After the test treatment, the surface of the marble is soft and bright, and the color is bright, and it is no longer white.

Experience sharing about marble countertop

Decorative stones in such environments as marble washbasins and toilets even marble flooring tiles are often exposed to water, and water is the first fuse of stone problems. In order to make the service life of the stone longer, before the stone is installed in the early stage, It is particularly important to do a good job in the stone maintenance project.

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