How do you pick a marble top?(4 useful tips)

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Marble is a great material to work with. The biggest advantage is how beautiful marble is.

It is often used as a dining table, here are 4 tips when you are choosing a marble top dining table:

  1. Listen to the sound

Knock on the marble top, if the sound is clear and pleasant, it means the quality is good. In contrast, the poor texture of the marble dining table is gruff.

  1.  Look at the material

Look at the material not only depends on the marble table top, but also on the other parts of the marble table material, whether it is high-quality wood or ordinary plastic, etc., all need special attention when purchasing. Generally speaking, the best marble dining table has a uniform fine structure of stone, which looks very textured.

  1. Look at the workmanship

The quality of workmanship directly affects the quality of marble tables. The high-quality marble table surface feels delicate and smooth, even if it is lightly scratched, there will be no scratches. Moreover, the surface gloss of marble is high, and it can be seen.

  1. Do small experiments

Use the method of experiment to identify, usually drop a small ink on the back of the stone, if the ink quickly disperses and leaches out, it means that the internal particles of the stone are loose, or there are gaps, and the quality of the stone is not good. Conversely, if the ink droplets remain in place, it means that the stone texture is good.

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