Export the last batch of Chinese marble before the China Spring Festival

Order NO. Country Details CAD NO. Delivery Date
Quantity: 500 square meters

Material:Golden Root Lines Marble Slab
January 20, 2023
Chinese marble is about to be exported to India. As the Spring Festival is approaching, many companies are on holiday. Our workers are also arranging the last shipment before the Spring Festival, which will be shipped to India. This time, the customer requested a total of 500 square meters. Because of our quick response service and trustworthy product quality, Longtops Stone has been the long-term cooperation marble supplier of this client. It only took 2 days for the customer to tell us the type of marble he wants, and we help him find the marble slab he is satisfied with. We not only have our own boutique marble slab market, but also have many cooperative marble slabs. Slab supplier resources, which ensures that we can help you find the right marble with the lowest price and the fastest speed.

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