Analysis of several types of stone dry pendants.

As a metal part of the stone curtain wall, the stone dry pendant is a non exposed accessory between the wall and the granite stone slab. Stone dry fix methord is being largely accepted and used these years.Coz it’s more firm and safer. We will introduce several types of stone dry pendants and attentions for stone dry fix.


1. Several types of stone dry pendants

There are three common methods for stone dry pendants.

(1) pin-pin type. The pin and the backing plate are connected by cutting holes on the edge of the plate. In this method, the force of the pin is relatively concentrated.

(2) welding type. In this way,it’s  relatively simple and can reduce rate of stone damage.

(3) back-bolt type.By punching holes in the back of the stone, and then connecting it with the keel with bolts to support the dry hanging of the curtain wall.

2. Precautions for stone dry fix

(1). Pay attention to the standard of the line when dry-hanging the stone ,to minimize the error.

(2). For the embedded parts, if it is a shear wall, it can be fixed with expansion bolts and embedded iron. If it is a aerated concrete block, it must be fixed with through-wall screws.

(3). When installing the angle steel, size should follow the prelay of stone. It’s necessary to apply anti rustic paint.

(4). For the selection of stone dry pendants, the length and quality must be strictly controlled to avoid the occurrence of defects.

(5)Pay attention to the depth of stone groove for diffent thickness of stone .Selection of stone glue is important.

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