A few tips to remove scratch marks from marble floor tiles.

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The following 4 cases correspond to 4 processing methods for marble floor tile scratching

Case 1: Marble scratches caused by metal push and pull

For faster and less laborious removal of metal scratches. It can be soaked in detergent for 3 minutes before scrubbing. The floor tile cleaner will become loose after it reacts with metal scratches. Wipe with a wet towel combined with detergent, the surface like a new brick will appear immediately after cleaning, it will not affect the surface of the marble floor tiles, and the gloss will not change.

Case 2: Steps to Deep Marble Scratches

First, determine the grinding and determine the depth of the scratches. The relatively shallow part can be polished with a grinding disc, and the scratches can be removed. If the scratches are deep, it needs to be processed from coarse to fine grinding. Local deep scratches can also be removed by local sanding. Small scratches on marble floor tiles can be polished with marble polishing powder. Granite or silica-based stone can be used for granite polishing powder. The filling and polishing of polishing powder can significantly reduce scratches, improve the overall brightness, and achieve a good repair effect.

  1. Clean the operating surface.
  2. Add an appropriate amount of water.
  3. Mix well and sprinkle with polishing powder.
  4. Put the animal hair polishing pad on the polishing wheel and throw it from low speed to high speed until the surface is warm.

Case 3: Polishing according to the depth of marble scratches

Before repairing a marble scratch, the depth of the scratch should be determined. If the scratches are relatively light, you can use an abrasive sheet to remove the scratches. If the scratches are deep, it needs to be processed from coarse to fine grinding. The local polishing method can remove local deep scratches.

The floor surface is slightly scratched. Apply a proper amount of toothpaste on the scratches of the marble floor, and then brush the scratches with a toothbrush repeatedly. You can find that the scratches gradually fade until they disappear. This method is more suitable for light-colored marble floor tiles.

Case 4: Classification of scratches

  1. Marble scratches, nails or sharp iron will scratch the brick surface, resulting in scratches that damage the brick surface. This kind of floor tile scratches should be repaired after they are removed, otherwise they will become dirty quickly and form a black mark again.
  2. There are scratches on the surface of the marble floor tiles, no damage to the marble floor tile surface structure, and no traces on the surface of the clean floor tiles.

So for the above 2 kinds of scratches, you can use floor tile repair agent to repair the floor scratches, stroke the seams of the scratches with a brush, and repeat after drying.View from the side until there is reflected light at the scratches, so that the scratches of the floor tiles can be kept clean for a long time after treatment; in addition, the scratches on the surface of the bricks with deep scratches can also be ground with water, but be careful grinding, otherwise it will cause pits or scratches. Greater damage to the sheet surface, such as dull, wider scratches.

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